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With a slide show, with animated transitions.

Let my slide show engine create for you a controllable slide show that boasts smooth, unique transition effects to enhance your visitors' visual experience. Add a slide show to your website that transitions gracefully from one photo to the next with one-of-a-kind effects; and has control buttons to easily pause/play it and quickly go to the previous, next, first, or last photo. Your visitors can also click anywhere in the slide show to pause/play it. You can use it to showcase what you have to offer such as your products for sale, restaurant menu items, or images you want your visitors to see.

The demo slide show above demonstrates just some transition effects that can be achieved with the engine. There are many more effects that can be customized out of many different shapes and other parameters such as direction, number of divisions and rotations, to name just a few. And various effects can be combined to form compound effects such as the US and AZ flag effects in the demo. Your slide show will have a small file size allowing it to load fast. The transition effects can be made to randomly vary their parameters each loop through the slide show resulting in different effects, for a refreshing visual experience. Most of the demo effects above vary each cycle. Repeatedly click the previous button to see their variations.

If your website already has a slide show but it changes photos abruptly, or has only fading or other cookie-cutter transition effects, or it is in GIF format with fuzzy images and a large file size, I can give it a makeover and transform it into a more engaging slide show.

Green Menu Design, as the name suggests, also designs convenient and easy-to-use online restaurant menus. My menu design is HTML-based for fast loading. Your online menu is encoded in HTML, not a scanned image, for a crisp and clear presentation, and to allow users to increase text size. Users can click and mark menu items, making it convenient to place an order. All navigational links, phone numbers and the menu are laid out within the screen without users having to scroll around to find links to click. Check out a sample menu here.

By adding a home page containing a slide show, together with your restaurant info, I can put together a low-cost, useful and engaging website for your restaurant.

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